PHP Developer (m/f)

Job Description

  • developing backend services with PHP
  • developing service architectures in accordance with the business requirements of the project
  • developing and implementing information architectures in accordance with the business requirements of the project
  • developing new ideas for applications, projects and development practices
  • close cooperation with our partner companies and international clients
  • proactive communication with all team members about potential problems
  • transfer of technical competencies to colleagues
  • active participation in discussions about finding the best solution to given problems
  • learning new technologies and development methodologies on the latest technology stack used to develop backend services

Preference will be given to candidates who

  • know well and use some of the ORM libraries in their daily work
  • know the basic principles of designing scalable applications
  • write unit tests and prefer test automation
  • possess exceptional debug skills
  • know the concepts and standards of object-oriented programming, design patterns and their applications
  • approach new technologies with curiosity
  • have practical experience in using GIT (or Mercurial)
  • know the Agile method of software development and Scrum
  • had experience working with Unix / Linux platforms (SSH, filesystem, rsync, GIT CLI, etc.)
  • had experience in using project management tools such as Jira, Redmine, etc.
  • cherish teamwork
  • are independent in performing assigned tasks

We offer

  • flexible working hours
  • work from home
  • working hours that ensure a balance between your private and business life
  • amazing colleagues, friends and great professionals
  • an open, relaxed and fun atmosphere
  • interesting and creative projects
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